CrabFeast Episodes


When you have a podcast your fans are the most important thing.  For Ryan and Jay those are the “Feasters” – a loyal legion of weekly listeners that tweet random quotes from each weeks podcast, hop on itunes and write a not so positive review only to give us “five stars” and of course the dedicated listeners that show up to shows and scare unaware comedy club goers by yelling, “FUCK THE CRABFEAST”!  We appreciate every single Feaster out there and know that we couldn’t do it BBkFOUWCIAAXzkN.jpg-largewithout you.  And we would love to recognize each and everyone of you but we just don’t have time.  But there is one Feaster that we would like to acknowledge this week, Mickey Moog! This awesome son of a bitch did this!!! When we saw this we hit the floor!  Of course we never put anything past a Feaster but this is going the distance.  Unfortunately his girl broke up with him and his boss fired him but who gives a shit, no one on the planet can say they’re a bigger fan than Mickey, not even US!!!  You can find him on twitter at mickeymoog510 and let him know how awesome he is.  You the man Mickey, thanks for spreading the word…to everyone you ever meet for the rest of your life!  #FTCF #*****