February 10, 2014 in CrabFeast by Jay Larson

tumblr_mebuydehfU1qz7vibo1_500Hey Hey Playas!  It’s Toozdee and that can only mean one thing…it’s almost Hump Day!  Aw snap!  It means we got another amazing episode for the best fans in podcasting!  This we welcome Jonah Ray to The Feast!  We sit down and talk about living in half way, “half way” houses, living in Hawaii and much much more.  Jonah is all over stand up stages, your television and the podcast world and we are excited to have him on The CrabFeast.  The episode is available on iTunes, Stitcher, AllThingsComedy and of course you know we got your back with the link below!  Share this with a friend or family member!  #FTCF  #*****

Get the Episode HERE! (Right Click to Download, Left Click to Stream)